Alumni Interactive sessions in VIT Vellore

Date : Monday, 24-08-2015
Location :

VIT University, Vellore campus

Interactive sessions by Mr. Sathish Rajamani & team for VIT Vellore campus students on 24th August 2015:


Organised by VITAA Office:






“Developing Customers for Life”
for MBA students


Time    :  10 am

Venue  :  Smart Class Room 

               (606), 6th Floor, SJT

Mr. Sathish Rajamani

(alumnus of B.E. Mech, 1996 & Hon’ble Chancellor’s Special Award winner - 2011)

Director - Enterprise Applications Quality Engineering & Assurance,

Cognizant, Edison, New Jersey, USA


“Aligning IT with Business”
for CSE & IT students


Time    :  11.30 am

Venue  :  Smart Class Room 

               (107), 1st Floor, SJT


Mr. Sathish Rajamani


Mr. Balachandar Mani

(alumnus of B.E. Mech, 2003),
Vice President, Northern Trust Corporation, UK



“Applications of IT in Manufacturing Industry”
for Mech students


Time    :  2.15 pm

Venue  :  Smart Class Room

               (204), 3rd Floor, CDMM

Mr. Sathish Rajamani


Mr. R. Babu

(alumnus of B.E. Mech, 1996)

Corporate Lead Engineer,
GASCO, Abu Dhabi 


Mr. Balachandar Mani


Organised by PAT Office:



“Preparation for US internship interviews”

for B.Tech (CSE, IT and CSE-Specialization in Bioinformatics) students


Time  :  4.30 pm

Venue:  Dr. Channa Reddy



Mr. Sathish Rajamani