Invite - My-Tree Scheme - To plant the sapling - 15th August 2013 (Thursday)

Time :9 am
Date : Thursday, 15-08-2013
Location :

SJT play ground, VIT University Vellore campus

Dear friends,

Greetings from VITAA!

We thank all our alumni members who have contributed to the My-Tree scheme.

We invite all the donors for the tree planting ceremony to be held at the SJT play ground in the presence of our Hon'ble Chancellor on:

Date      :  15th August 2013 (Thursday)

Please report at 9 am in the Main Portico (Opp. to Main Entrance), VIT Vellore campus.

As an alternate, we can also coordinate with our VIT Estates Office staff to plant the sapling on your behalf, if you are not able to join.

For further details please contact: J. Krishnakumar, Alumni Officer, VIT University, contact no.+91-416-2202248 / +91-9443311361.

Please reply with your confirmation details at the earliest.

Best Wishes,

Sudha Rajagopalan





T. Mahaveer Prabu



M. Kishore Kumar



T. Karthikeyan

Jt. Secretary-General