Chancellor visit to Cognizant Chennai campus

Time :11 am
Date : Tuesday, 08-11-2011
Location : Cognizant Chennai campus

Symbolizing the vibrant relationship between VIT University and Cognizant was this memorable occasion of VITAA Cognizant Chennai chapter meeting held on 8th November 2011. Our beloved Chancellor Dr. G Viswanathan, visited Cognizant Chennai, to spend time with VITians in Cognizant. “Today I have run out of words and I am overjoyed to see so many of my students enjoying themselves while crafting a great career for themselves”, said the Chancellor. Chancellor spent time with the Campus associate trainees of VIT 2011 batch. VIT alumni presented an update to the Chancellor on their training program at Cognizant. They shared their experience on the transformation from a student to a corporate associate. This was followed by a Q&A Session with the Chancellor. He was accompanied by the Director of Placement, Prof. S.R. Pullabhotla and Deputy Director Mr. Samuel Rajkumar.  From Cognizant, Mr.Sriram Iyer Associate Director-Campus relationship, Mr.Krishnamurthy Ramachandran Associate Director- Corporate Communications, Mr. Rahul Singh Associate Director- HR, Mr. P.B. Ramachandran & Mr. A.S. Sriram from Cognizant Academy, Mr. Ashok Ranjith from HR & his team were present. Mr.Sriram Iyer highlighted various initiatives taken as part of the symbiotic partnership between VIT and Cognizant. Chancellor interacted with the alumni of senior batches who are employed at Cognizant. Mr Sathish Rajamani Associate Director- Oracle Testing and other alumni updated Chancellor on the progress made by the Alumni @ Cognizant. It was indeed a memorable day for the members of VITAA Cognizant Chapter- the first corporate chapter of VITAA.

Event Photos